The Galaxy Z Flip5 did better than the Razr 40 Ultra in a fold test and surpassed Samsung’s expected performance.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 did better than the Razr 40 Ultra in a fold test 10.8.2023

The Great Folding Test Vol. 1 made quite a buzz when it was released a few days later, showcasing the durability of two popular foldable phones: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, also known as Razz+. Hosted on YouTube by Mrkeybrd, the multi-day livestream captured the attention of tech enthusiasts around the world.

After an impressive 401,156 folds, it was the Galaxy Z Flip5 that emerged victorious as the final phone still in use. However, it wasn’t a smooth journey for this foldable device. Along the way, the hinge faced some challenges, losing its ability to maintain half-closed angles after reaching the halfway mark of 223,000 folds. But despite this setback, the Galaxy Z Flip5 persevered and continued to perform flawlessly until it reached the 400,000 fold mark.

In an interesting contrast, the Moto Razr 40 Ultra fell short and experienced an earlier failure at just 126,266 cycles. Problems started arising at around 44,000 folds, well before Motorola’s claim of a 400,000 fold rating for the Razr lid. Samsung, on the other hand, only formally advertises 200,000 folds, which are verified by machines. To put it into perspective, Samsung explains that 200,000 folds in five years are equivalent to 100 folds per day, highlighting the robustness of their folding technology.

It’s worth noting that performing such a test on a phone is more challenging than one might think. Mrkeybrd himself mentions that robots, which carefully fold the phone with perfect alignment and even force, are much more precise than humans. This adds an extra layer of difficulty to achieving such impressive folding numbers.

In a fascinating turn of events, Mrkeybrd also posted a video on the same channel explaining the reasons behind the Razr’s failure and providing tips to prevent it from happening to your Motorola Razr 40 Ultra. This additional content adds value to the Great Folding Test Vol. 1, making it not only an entertaining livestream but a valuable resource for anyone interested in foldable phones and their durability.

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