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Quick Overview

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosts companies in the world. Started working in 1996, Bluehost became the largest web hosting brand when it came to WordPress hosting. Bluehost is now the official hosting provider of WordPress. The most important feature of Bluehost is its fast uptime thanks on account of which the users never have to worry about their website being slow even if there is a lot of traffic. Bluehost provides 24/7 support to its customers who can connect with customer service officials through live chat, email, and phone. If you are going to launch your website to the world, Bluehost will be the best hosting option for you that you can find out in the discussion below.


Pros and Cons

  • Best Uptime: 99.99%
  • Fast Load Speeds
  • FREE Domain for 1 year
  • Free SSL & Cloudflare CDN
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Higher renewal price
  • Free widgets and add-ons are limited

BlueHost Review At A Glance

Performance GradeA+
Free Website Migration
Control Panel and Dashboard ExperienceEasy-to-use cPanel
Average Load Time1.48 ms
Average Response Time1.26 ms
Free Domain
Free SSL
1-click WordPress
Unlimited web traffic & storage space
Money-Back Guarantee30-Day
SupportLive Chat/Phone/Email

Ease of Use

Usability of Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost has a very easy-to-use user interface, especially for beginners. It is one of the most special features about Bluehost that it is easy for beginners, unlike other web hosts. A straightforward layout of the cPanel Control Panel makes the Bluehost even easier to use. Beginners to Bluehost can easily install and start the WordPress through cPanel. All you have to do is click on the points. Bluehost also provides an easy-to-understand guide for beginners that can be helpful in using the Bluehost interface. The customer portal of Bluehost is clean and intuitive.


Performance and Speed

Fast Page Loading Speed (Around 713 ms)

According to research conducted by Google, a page that takes more than 3s in loading can see a 32% increase in bouncing rate probability. It means that your visitors being 32% more likely to bounce back or leave your site if it takes a longer time to load. And it will only worsen with longer page loading times. Furthermore, Google is more focused on mobile-first indexing now, which means now you have to optimize your website for both desktop and mobile users, otherwise, you can lose traffic and this could lead to lower sales numbers. So right after uptime, page loading time is the second most critical/crucial factor to consider while choosing a Web Host Service.

By using three online tools – Pingdom, GTmetrix and Bitcatcha – we are able to test the Bluehost server speed and performance of our test site.

1. Pingdom

2. GTmetrix

3. Bitcatcha

The above results are particularly good (Avg 256ms) for a shared hosting account, as you can see.

However, this is a new blog site without any website traffic so speed testing alone isn’t an effective way to evaluate the server efficiency. We planned to determine if it could work under peak site visitors.

An online tool named K6 (earlier known as LoadImpact) was implemented to test this. We increased the volume of traffic on our website by approximately 50 simultaneously by delivering virtual traffic to it.

The graph below displays the outcome you can observe.

Our test website is evaluated as having an attractive appearance with a fast response time of 34 milliseconds on average.

Average 99.95% uptime through the 12 months

Bluehost has a good Uptime throughout the 12 Months. Uptime is considered one of the most critical/crucial features of any web host because it allows your users to access your website. If the web host provider you have chosen for your website has a down. Therefore, your users will no longer be able to access your website. Web Hosting experts considered the figures of 99.93% a “good” uptime for any Web Host Services Provider. So, ideally, you should not select any web host which Uptime less than this.

 Bluehost has an average Uptime of 99.95% throughout the 12 months of the year, so it has easily surpassed the benchmark we have described earlier. This Uptime is enough to keep our test site live for 99.95% of the time during the whole year comfortably. So, in terms of Uptime, Bluehost is the best option for you.

There is another good news that the total downtime of Bluehost is even less than 5 hours for the whole year. The overall breakdown of the Bluehost’s uptime throughout the last 12 months is as follows:



Free Website Migration

If you already have a website and you want to switch your Bluehost hosting plan with that then there is good news for you. Bluehost offers one free website migration option through which you can get a free site transfer with all of their plans. However, there are a couple of terms to this service. For example, the site on which you want to transfer the hosting plan should WordPress site and the migration is only possible in the first 30-days of purchasing the hosting plan. After this time period, you will no longer be eligible to get this service. After putting in your request, the migration process takes 1-3 days to complete.

If the website on which you want to migrate is not a WordPress website and it is on another platform, the migration can cost you up to $149.99.

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms in the world of the Internet. Almost 44% of the website on the Internet are built with WordPress. WordPress officially recommends three hosting partners, Bluehost is one of them. The other two hosting partners are DreamHost and SiteGround. Due to the fantastic features, plans, and security options of Bluehost, WordPress is consistently encouraging website owners to use it for web hosting.

Bluehost Website Builder Features

Bluehost Website Builder is a WordPress-based tool, however, you find an altogether custom user interface to setup your site and control your content. It will help you to build a successful website without any coding or programming knowledge. This is a beginner-friendly website builder that’s included in all of Bluehost’s hosting plans.

You can build your website with different designs on the homepage or other pages with just a click and drag-and-drop content provided by Bluehost all while having the ability to gain access to the full power, versatility, and tools of WordPress.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro user of WordPress, Bluehost Website Builder is a necessary tool to use when building an awesome professional website.

Bluehost Website Builder is unique from other website builders, unlike Wix or Squarespace. The flexibility of this builder allows you to customize your WordPress site whenever you want, even after your site has been published. When you create a website, you are going to use a COMPLETELY custom interface from Bluehost Site Builder, so it must do “feel” just like a website builder.

If you’d like to modify images, text, movies, music, etc. you can view how your pages will appear to your site visitors before you re-publish online this amazing builder lets you take a look at the website visually in real-time as you make changes. It also lets clients to leveraging the complete design features of WordPress Guten editor with any web page they are editing as the builder includes ‘Mix Mode’.

According to some website experts, users can build a stunning look website in 25% less time than other regular website builder tools.

Bluehost Website Builder Pricing

Renews at $10.99Renews at $14.99
Unlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
Hosting IncludedHosting Included
300+ Design Templates300+ Design Templates
Blog Post ManagementBlog Post Management
Image Library with Unlimited UploadsImage Library with Unlimited Uploads
Free SSLFree SSL
Free DomainFree Domain
Free Email MarketingFree Email Marketing
 30+ Additional Premium Design Templates
 Domain Privacy
 Accept Online Payments with WooCommerce
 Unlimited Online Store Products
 10+ Pricing and Packaging Templates

Daily Backup and Security Options

Since Bluehost is one of the most “economical” options on the market, you will be glad to know that they don’t cut most of the critical security options and features even in introductory plans. You can get the services of Bluehost in the cheapest plans in which provides your site with a free SSL certificate. You will be also able to access some great features such as a free Cloudflare (CDN). Some other features which you can get in even the cheapest plan of Bluehost include multiple CMS integrations, a one-click WordPress Install, and additional eCommerce plugins.

You will get more advanced features in Higher-tier plans, for example, the Spam Experts add-on, server backups, and domain privacy protection. The highly advanced security features are available in Higher-tier plans such as SiteLock, a tool that protects the site against malware attacks.

Codeguard is another security and protection tool in Bluehost that provides the option of daily backups so you can roll back to the previous versions of your website when needed.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

With almost all of the hosting plans, Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the services, features, or options of Bluehost, you can get your money back within 30-days (Although there is no chance that you don’t like Bluehost). You can try out the services and features and performance of Bluehost by yourself and ask for a refund if you are not completely satisfied.

However, before purchasing Bluehost, you must keep the following terms in your mind that a related to Bluehost’s terms about what does and doesn’t fall under the 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Refunds are only available on the web-hosting cost. Not any other products like domains and or other add-ons are refundable.
  • Bluehost would charge $15.99 if a free domain name is also included in your purchasing plan.
  • Bluehost does not accept any refund requests after the 30-day time period.

Bluehost Extras and Add-Ons

While registering with Bluehost to get a new web hosting account, you are provided with an option to pay extra for a few of their recommended hosting add-ons and marketing services that are called Package Extras of Bluehost. A few of these ‘extras’ can be needed for your website hosting and other ones are may not be required. So you need not pay for the unessential add-ons. Some of the popular Bluehost add-ons are Dedicated IP Address: $5.99/month, SSL Certificates: $49.99/year, SpamExperts Mail Filtering: $2.99/month/domain, etc. Most of the Bluehost clients are use the following add-ons for their website:

Domain Privacy + Protection: This add-on must be purchased, as it protects your confidential data and prevents data scraping. However, now Bluehost offering this add-on for free with their ChoicePlus and Pro shared hosting plans. So if you buy any of those plans, you will need not pay an extra $0.99/month for this add-on.

Codeguard Basic: Some users usually do not use Codeguard Basic add-on for their website. Bit it is necessary to have a Backups & Restore Plugins for a website. So, I would strongly suggest you use this add-on as a backup application for your website. You can buy such Backups & Restore plugin from another service provider if you wish. Some providers also offer such plugins for free.

Bluehost SEO Tools Start: You really need the Bluehost SEO Tools Start package extra add-on for your website. This essential Bluehost tool will submit your website to the most famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to help your site get ranking better. This add-on includes a keyword discovery tool that will help make sure you’ve relevant keywords, so your site rankings for them. You will get a detailed analytics report employing this package extra.

Microsoft 365 Mailbox – 30 Day Free Trial: This secure and reliable service is powered by Microsoft and can be accessed online from any gadgets. They provides 24/7 tech support. Bluehost’s 365 Email Service provides Email Essentials as a branded email application in order to building consumer professionalism and reliability.


Customer Support

Top-Rated Customer Support

Bluehost provides 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and phone. The customer support service of Bluehost is based on a ticketing system, which means you will not have to wait in queues. On top of that, the customer support officials have a vast knowledge about the features and options of Bluehost. They are highly expert in answering frequently asked questions.


Bluehost Hosting Plans and Pricing

Affordable Introductory Pricing

Bluehost’s starting pricing is only $3.95/month which is considered highly affordable for a website owner. It is the introductory price of the Bluehost basic plan. However, the regular price of Bluehost is $8.99/month. The good news is that the Bluehost is offering the introductory price with more than a 33% discount. So, you can get Bluehost hosting at $2.75/month at starting. At this price, you can get almost everything necessary to run a single website. It includes 50 GB SSD storage, a free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and much more. So, you can get a very good value at this introductory price.

Bluehost provides Hosting Plans with various features. These include Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting and more.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

Bluehost’s Shared Hosting plan includes diverse offers or combinations of features as provided by Bluehost. This is one of the crucial popular web hosting plans because it offers a cost-effective way to get your website online. When you are ready to build a small business site like a blogging or hobbies website then Bluehost Shared Hosting is an ideal hosting plan for you. Shared Hosting operates by allowing multiple users to share storage on one server managed by the hosting company. This Hosting package comes with an SSL certificate, domain name, and many more! The greatest advantage of the Shared Hosting plan is you are purchasing a web host at reasonable prices. Once you pick out your desired shared hosting plan the latest version of WordPress will automatically install for you. It is a managed hosting plan and so you don’t have to think about server management and platform downtimes.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Pricing

Renews at $8.99Renews at $11.99Renews at $16.99Renews at $26.99
50 GB SSD StorageUnlimited SSD StorageUnlimited SSD StorageUnlimited SSD Storage
Custom ThemesCustom ThemesCustom ThemesCustom Themes
24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support
   Optimized CPU Resources
Website Builder AvailableWebsite Builder AvailableWebsite Builder AvailableWebsite Builder Available
WordPress IntegrationWordPress IntegrationWordPress IntegrationWordPress Integration
Drag and Drop FunctionalityDrag and Drop FunctionalityDrag and Drop FunctionalityDrag and Drop Functionality
AI-Driven TemplatesAI-Driven TemplatesAI-Driven TemplatesAI-Driven Templates
Also IncludesAlso IncludesAlso IncludesAlso Includes
Free Domain – 1 yearFree Domain – 1 yearFree Domain – 1 yearFree Domain – 1 year
Free CDN IncludedFree CDN IncludedFree CDN IncludedFree CDN Included
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
 Free Office 365 – 30 daysFree Office 365 – 30 daysFree Office 365 – 30 days
  Free Domain PrivacyFree Domain Privacy
  Free Automated Backup – 1 yearFree Automated Backup
   Free Dedicated IP

Shared Hosting Plans Breakdown of Bluehost:

Basic Plan: If you’re only gonna have 1 website and 50 GB SSD storage the Basic plan is enough for your mission. Each plan has 5 email accounts of 100 MB disk space.

Plus Plan: You could have as many websites as you need plus the storage is unmetered along with the Plus plan. Additionally, it includes unlimited email accounts.

Choice Plus Plan: You’ll be given the Plus features, as well as free domain privacy and enhanced backup options if you buy the Choice Plus plan.

Pro Plan: The utmost files you can host with your plan jumps from 200,000 to 300,000. The Pro collection is appropriate for those who are interested in more significant website performances.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Plans

At the first launch, Bluehost brought just one single shared hosting plan to all consumers. Its development, effort, and dedication result in its success. Nowadays Bluehost is becoming among the best shared Linux hosting companies in the market. Bluehost is a really popular Linux hosting provider, located in Utah, USA, serving customers all over the world. If you are a current hosting customer with them, you can find free CDN (content delivery network) technology on your domains or subdomains in only 2 clicks in your web host account. Cloud hosting is the buzzword nowadays. Don’t have to change DNS or set up your CloudFlare account because Bluehost will manage these automatically. To cover the substantial demands, Bluehost extended from one main hosting type to multi- hosting types covering shared servers, VPS servers as well as, dedicated servers, every hosting type includes different hosting plans. There are not any software, hardware or code changes for you to think about. Should you be looking for a Webhosting service, I am certain you may have already heard about it.

Bluehost cloud hosting services would be enabled Global CDN is a network of servers growing around the globe in several data centers to help reduce the webpage load time. This technology reproduces your files to ensure they might be served from geographically nearer locations to your website visitors. The layer of varnish caching can automatically speed up your website content. Since your website data files will be mirrored automatically throughout 3 unique devices on distinct data centers in several countries, within the cloud server your website could be more trustworthy very safe if any hardware failure occurs at one, your website is automatically switched to a different one instantly and automatically.

Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans

Should you be serious about server choices, Bluehost’s VPS hosting plans will be just the thing you’re interested in. With Bluehost VPS, you’re able to enjoy a lot of the features of dedicated servers, but without worrying about the high price that generally comes with such plans. And once you determine to run your website on a VPS, Bluehost enables you to install nearly all software applications on the platform that will bring your site operating. Virtual servers are not ideal, even though, and since a few of the hardware is distributed to others, overall performance can experience frequently.

Bluehost VPS Hosting Pricing

Renews at $29.99Renews at $59.99Renews at $119.99
2 Cores2 Cores4 Cores
30 GB SSD Storage60 GB SSD Storage120 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Bandwidth2 TB Bandwidth3 TB Bandwidth
1 IP Address2 IP Addresses2 IP Addresses

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Plans

Dedicated hosting is an effective type of web hosting that provides your website total server solutions. Bluehost offers you total website solutions, concerning all types of web host services, cPanel, domain registration, and WordPress support. Their 99.98% uptime as well describes close to the top of the list with regards to overall performance. The Standard subscription plan comes with 2x 500 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, 5 TB of data transfer/month, and up to 3 Bluehost dedicated IP addresses. Bluehost provides several dedicated hosting packages with different variety of RAM, SSD storage, and the quantity of IP addresses you may create. This hosting provider has all the standard dedicated hosting features, and also many more advanced ones, offering you room to grow. It is more affordable than any other dedicated hosting provider while still providing you with plenty of features for your site. Your dedicated hosting bills go up after 3 years, but Bluehost is still the most cost-effective dedicated server solution. In the event you expect to have huge traffic numbers on your website, dedicated hosting is the only solution your site will deal with the internet’s challenges. The regular package is priced at as little as $79.99/month. Every single plan comes with domain registration for 1 year. Bluehost hosts 2,000+ new websites every single day. With access control and database management, you’ve solutions close to hand and 24/7 access to customer service once you have any issue.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Pricing

Renews at $119.99Renews at $159.99Renews at $209.99
36/mo term36/mo term36/mo term
CPU – 2.3 GHzCPU – 2.5 GHzCPU – 3.3 GHz
CPU – 4 CoresCPU – 4 CoresCPU – 4 Cores
CPU – 4 ThreadsCPU – 8 ThreadsCPU – 8 Threads
CPU – 3 MB CacheCPU – 8 MB CacheCPU – 8 MB Cache
RAM – 4 GBCPU – 8 GBRAM – 16 GB
RAID Level 1 Storage – 2 x 500 GBRAID Level 1 Storage – 2 x 1000 GBRAID Level 1 Storage – 2 x 1000 GB
Network Bandwidth – 5 TBNetwork Bandwidth – 10 TBNetwork Bandwidth – 15 TB
Free Domains – 1Free Domains – 1Free Domains – 1
Dedicated IPs – 3Dedicated IPs – 4Dedicated IPs – 5
cPanel & WHM with RootcPanel & WHM with RootcPanel & WHM with Root

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans

To assist you with the complexities of WordPress, Bluehost offers you inexpensive WordPress hosting backed by industry experts. With Bluehost’s WordPress hosting package, Bluehost provides you a well-optimized WordPress installing on your domain. Shared WordPress Hosting was created for Bluehost clients who require the products, resources, tools, and support to develop and manage their particular WordPress site. This Hosting plan is perfect for individuals who’re planning to build a dynamic WordPress site whether it’s picking out a theme to style their website, updates to the platform, or ensuring they have the most secure and latest version of WordPress for their money site.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Pricing

Renews at $8.99Renews at $11.99Renews at $16.99
50 GB SSD StorageUnlimited SSD StorageUnlimited SSD Storage
Custom ThemesCustom ThemesCustom Themes
24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support
Website Builder AvailableWebsite Builder AvailableWebsite Builder Available
WordPress IntegrationWordPress IntegrationWordPress Integration
Drag and Drop FunctionalityDrag and Drop FunctionalityDrag and Drop Functionality
AI-Driven TemplatesAI-Driven TemplatesAI-Driven Templates
Also IncludesAlso IncludesAlso Includes
Free Domain – 1 yearFree Domain – 1 yearFree Domain – 1 year
Free CDN IncludedFree CDN IncludedFree CDN Included
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
 Free Office 365 – 30 daysFree Office 365 – 30 days
  Free Domain Privacy
  Free Automated Backup – 1 year

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Bluehost clients can enjoy the fastest WordPress hosting performance using managed WordPress hosting along with automated website backups facilities. This Package is a fully-managed with a WordPress host environment. Therefore their clients can stay focused on how to build their site filled with unique content to their clients while Bluehost will manage the daily maintenance of the client’s web server and the applications to keep the website perform stronger. To keep the website is always fastest and most stable Bluehost automatically updates to clients WordPress install and also automatically updates to the server environment. This managed server is developed with SSDs (Solid State Drives) which means your site outperforms websites hosted on regular HDD servers. Users can manage their SEO, Social Media, and Email traffic options just in a single dashboard. If you have a Google Analytics account and want to see the website traffic channels you can integrate your Google Analytics account into the Marketing Center very easily. Another good news is,  Bluehost’s regular website migration charge is $149 value but if you want to upgrade your shared hosting site to Managed WordPress they will migrate your site for you without any additional cost. Also, you will get integrated management tools ıncluding a significant boost in website speed in this plan. You should remember that Shared Hosting is great for beginners but not for professionals. If you are an entrepreneur Managed WordPress hosting is necessary for your needs.

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing

Renews at $29.99Renews at $39.99Renews at $59.99
1 Website3 Websites5 Websites
Best for up to 50,000 visitors per monthBest for up to 50,000 visitors per monthBest for up to 50,000 visitors per month
20 GB total web storage60 GB total web storage100 GB total web storage
200+ Global Edge Servers200+ Global Edge Servers200+ Global Edge Servers
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSL
Built-in High AvailabilityBuilt-in High AvailabilityBuilt-in High Availability
Staging EnvironmentStaging EnvironmentStaging Environment
Also IncludesAlso IncludesAlso Includes
Jetpack pre-installedJetpack pre-installedJetpack pre-installed
Unlimited Backups and RestoreUnlimited backups and restoresUnlimited backups and restores
Malware detection and removalMalware detection and removalMalware detection and removal
Bluehost SEO ToolBluehost SEO ToolBluehost SEO Tool
Blue Sky Ticket SupportBlue Sky Ticket SupportBlue Sky Ticket Support

Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting Plans

Like other WordPress plugins, WooCommerce is a plugin that is mainly used for selling products and services over the internet using a website. It makes it simple to manage your inventory, take secure and safe payments, manage shipping and delivery, and will also apply taxes properly. You can build your online store with the help of WooCommerce easily no matter if your products or services are digital or physical, You can easily customize your WooCommerce online store for your business purposes requires no coding skills. It is powered by a community of developers focused on producing WooCommerce as versatile and flexible as the industry needs and is absolutely free to use.

Just pick the WooCommerce hosting package of Bluehost that is best for your website requirements, and after that create or add your available domain. Bluehost makes it simple to get started with WooCommerce web hosting. Not only still offering all the necessary tools for professionals but also makes building a WooCommerce site easier for beginners. You can start adding your products or services and as well, payment details right after you have chosen a WooCommerce theme. In a very short time, you can set up and run a professional online WooCommerce store. Bluehost automatically provides you with the WooCommerce Store as well as free WooCommerce SSL to secure your website and transactions. You also get multiple websites hosting benefits on your WooCommerce hosting plan account of Bluehost. A big advantage is it’s all powered by WordPress so you own 100% of your data.

WooCommerce hosting setup will take just a few minutes and after that, you can start choosing a theme for your online shop. A WooCommerce plugin cannot be used on any other website. If you want to install your WooCommerce store on another website, you need to purchase a new license. Only those who are customers of the premium plan will get the benefit of Bookings, Subscriptions, and Product Add-ons of Woocommerce.

Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting Pricing

Renews at $24.95Renews at $39.95
Online Store (Website + Blog)Online Store (Website + Blog)
Email MarketingEmail Marketing
Unlimited ProductsUnlimited Products
WooCommerce InstalledWooCommerce Installed
Jetpack free installedJetpack Premium installed
Store-front theme installedStore-front theme installed
Customer Product ReviewsCustomer Product Reviews
Website Traffic AnalyticsWebsite Traffic Analytics
24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support
Payment Processing (One-Click Install)Payment Processing (One-Click Install)
Manual Order CreationManual Order Creation
Discount CodesDiscount Codes
CodeGuard Backup Basic – 1st Year FreeOnline Bookings & Appointment Scheduling
Free Office 365 – 30 daysSubscriptions
 Product Customization
 Local & Country Tax Management
 Free Domain Privacy + Protection
 CodeGuard Backup Basic – Included
 Free Office 365 – 30 days


Compare With Best 5 Web Hosting Services

Bluehost has a number of features that may make it different from other web hosting companies.

Web HostPrice Per MonthSitesTraffic (mo.)Disk SpaceFree Domain24/7 Support
Hostinger$1.391100 GB30 GB
SiteGround$$.99110, 000 Visits/mo.10 GB

Are that any hiccups in Bluehost?

Although Bluehost has some great perks and pros, it has some hiccups as well. Let’s take a closer look at some of the downsides of Bluehost.

  • Higher Renewal Rates: Although Bluehost has low introductory pricing, it has higher renewal rates. There is a fantastic way to avoid these higher renewal rates that are by purchasing Bluehost Hosting plans for one, two, or three years upfront. In this way, you will not have to renew your plan again and again. Rest assures you have the 30-day money-back guarantee as well.
  • Restrictions on Cheapest Plan: Bluehost’s cheapest shared hosting plan has lots of restrictions, some of them are of heavy nature. For example, you can only have a single website with limited storage space. The only security option that is available with the Cheapest Plan is the SSL Certificate. So, you have to upgrade higher-tier plans to get more security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Bluehost for making an online store on WooCommerce?

Using Bluehost’s web hosting services, you can integrate your WooCommerce website or online store effortlessly. You have to select an ideal hosting plan for your site’s needs and then add or register your domain.

Is Bluehost is a Good Web Host for beginners?

Bluehost particularly appeals to individuals who are just getting started with creating a WordPress site because it provides the fundamental tools for launching a WordPress site with no previous skills.

Does Bluehost offer a monthly subscription plan?

Bluehost does not offer monthly subscription options on low-cost hosting or managed WordPress options. But you can select monthly billing with their VPS or dedicated plans.

Can I upgrade my Bluehost Plan?

Yes, upgrades can come directly from your Bluehost account, or you can contact their customer support for assistance. It’s better to get the right package first, so once you upgrade the plan, you cannot get the discounted price.

Where are the Bluehost servers are located?

Bluehost currently bases its data centers in Provo, Utah; and Houston, Texas.

Can I install WordPress automatically?

You can easily install WordPress for free with the Softaculous app. There’s a wide range of other web applications that you can install with just one click, such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and PrestaShop. With Bluehost’s Optimized WordPress hosting, you’ll get WordPress installed for you automatically.

What Bluehost plan would be ideal for me?

If you are just getting started with a new website, a blog, or an online store, it’s best to start by signing up for their basic plan. It is suitable for a start-up site and you can upgrade it later.



After reading this review, you might be thinking that if Bluehost is the right choice for You? We will say Yes! It is the best Web Host choice for your website. Most importantly it offers affordable and exciting plans with lots of features and security options.

10 Total Score
Bluehost Hosting Review

Price Starts at $3.45/mo
SAVE 65% Over Monthly
Go To Bluehost

10Expert Score
Ease of Use
Service Quality
10User's score
Ease of Use
Service quality
  • Best Uptime: 99.99%
  • Fast Load Speeds
  • FREE Domain for 1 year
  • Free SSL & Cloudflare CDN
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Higher renewal price
  • Free widgets and add-ons are limited
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BlueHost Review 2023
BlueHost Review 2023
$3.45/mo $9.99/mo

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