Oppo’s latest smart glasses, Air Glass 3, boast improved visuals and seamless integration with AI

Oppo's latest smart glasses Air Glass 3

At the Mobile World Congress 2024, Oppo unveiled its cutting-edge Air Glass 3 prototype smart glasses, featuring advanced AI integration for enhanced visual experiences. These glasses are designed to work seamlessly with Oppo phones running ColorOS 13 and later, offering exclusive compatibility with Oppo devices.

The voice assistant, powered by Oppo’s AndesGPT model, allows users in China to perform various tasks using natural language processing. Utilizing innovative resin waveguide technology, the glasses promise improved color accuracy and clarity without the common rainbow effect. With a peak brightness of over 1,000 nits, these glasses provide optimal visibility in any lighting condition and weigh only 50 grams for a comfortable fit.

The audio quality is exceptional thanks to reverse sound field technology and four microphones for clear voice calls. Touch sensors on the sides enable easy navigation for functions like viewing photos or making calls. Future updates from Oppo will include features like health information display and language translation capabilities.

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