DJI Avata Explorer Combo FPV 60.4 mph Speed, 48 MP Camera Drone with Goggles Integra

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Original price was: 1,278.00$.Current price is: 889.00$.

Experience the ultimate in aerial photography with the DJI Avata Explorer Combo FPV. Capture stunning images with its 48MP camera and reach speeds of up to 60.4 mph!

DJI Avata Explorer Combo FPV 60.4 mph Speed, 48 MP Camera Drone with Goggles Integra
DJI Avata Explorer Combo FPV 60.4 mph Speed, 48 MP Camera Drone with Goggles Integra

Original price was: 1,278.00$.Current price is: 889.00$.


DJI Avata Explorer Combo FPV

Key Specifications

Brand DJI
Flight time(Max) 18 Minutes
Max Range 6.2-mile
Max Speed 60.4 mph
Camera resolution 48 MP
Controller Yes
App Compatibility Yes
Dimensions (Unfolded) 180.0 x 80.0 x 180.0 mm
Weight 14.5 oz

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DJI Avata Explorer Combo FPV 60.4 mph Speed, 48 MP Camera Drone with Goggles Integra

Introducing the DJI Avata Explorer Combo FPV Drone with Goggles Integra – the ultimate drone experience for both indoor and outdoor filming. With its innovative “cinewhoop” design, this palm-sized drone is equipped with propeller guards, ensuring safe and steady filming even in close proximity to objects and people. Say goodbye to the fear of accidents and hello to limitless creativity!

The Explorer Combo version of the Avata takes your piloting experience to new heights. The Goggles Integra allows you to see what the drone sees, while the RC Motion 2 controller provides easy, one-handed operation. It’s like being in a virtual cockpit, with a flight stick that feels natural and responsive. The crystal-clear view on the 1080p Full HD Micro-OLED displays will leave you breathless, and the integrated flight joystick and motion-sensing hand movements make piloting a breeze.

Let’s dive into the incredible features of the Goggles Integra. With an ultra-wide 155° FOV, you’ll experience an exhilarating first-person piloting experience. Thanks to the DJI O3+ system, the goggles receive a stable transmission over auto-switching dual-band 2.4/5.8 GHz signals. The dual 1080p Micro-OLED displays offer a 100 Hz refresh rate and a low 38 ms latency, providing a lifelike and immersive viewing experience. Plus, with 11 pairs of lens inserts supporting a diopter range of +2.0 to -8.0D, just about anyone can enjoy the Goggles Integra. And when you’re done flying, the foldable antennas make storage and transport a breeze.

Now, let’s talk about the RC Motion 2 controller. This unique single-handed controller enables even beginners to operate the Avata with ease. Using motion-sensing hand movements and an integrated joystick, you’ll have full control over your drone. The accelerator trigger moves the Avata forward and backward, while the integrated FN dial lets you adjust camera settings remotely. With dual-band 2.4/5.8 GHz transmission, you can fly up to 6.2 miles away while enjoying a seamless and fluid experience that matches what you see in the Goggles Integra.

Not only does the Avata offer an exceptional piloting experience, but it also captures stunning footage. Equipped with a 48MP 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor, it supports up to 4K video at 100 fps. The ultra-wide 155° FOV ensures a natural and realistic viewing experience, similar to how we perceive the world. With the RockSteady 2.0 EIS and HorizonSteady EIS stabilization features, your footage will be smooth and professional.

Experience seamless transmission with the O3+ Transmission system. With 2T2R omnidirectional antennas, you can receive Full HD 1080p video at up to 100 fps, with only a 30 ms latency, and a fast 50 Mb/s data transfer rate. Plus, the footage is compressed with H.265, saving storage space without compromising quality. Fly up to 6.2 miles away from your controller or goggles and explore the world like never before.

Safety is a top priority with the Avata. It features a downward binocular vision sensor and ToF depth sensor, which work together to detect obstacles on the ground during flight. This allows you to safely fly low-altitude and indoor flights without fear of collisions.

In the event of a hard landing, we’ve got you covered with Turtle Mode. Activate this mode with a few taps, and the Avata will flip itself right-side up and continue flying, just like a resilient turtle!

But the Avata doesn’t stop there. With the Virtual Flight App, available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices, you can practice flying indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, you can hone your skills with a variety of preinstalled simulated scenarios.

Furthermore, the Avata comes with additional features that make it a must-have for drone enthusiasts. Shoot in D-Cinelike mode for advanced color grading during post-production. With its ducted aerodynamic design, you can enjoy up to 18 minutes of flight time. Choose from three speed modes – Normal (up to 17.9 mph), Sport (up to 31.3 mph), and Manual (up to 60.4 mph) – to suit your flying style. Capture stunning still photos at up to 4000 x 3000 resolution. With the ability to withstand Level 5 winds of up to 24 mph, the Avata is built for any weather conditions. Plus, its microSD slot supports optional cards up to 256GB, ensuring you have ample storage for all your adventures.

The Avata is compatible with a range of DJI accessories, including the FPV Remote Controller 2, Goggles V2, FPV Goggles V2, Goggles Integra, RC Motion 2 Controller, and DJI Motion Controller.

Take your drone piloting experience to new heights with the DJI Avata Explorer Combo FPV Drone with Goggles Integra. Safe, exhilarating, and packed with incredible features, it’s the perfect companion for capturing breathtaking footage and exploring the world in ways you’ve never imagined. Order yours today and unlock a whole new dimension of creativity!


Specification: DJI Avata Explorer Combo FPV 60.4 mph Speed, 48 MP Camera Drone with Goggles Integra

Drone Brand


Drone Model


Drone Color


Drone Max Flight time

18 Minutes

Drone Max Range


Drone Max Speed

60.4 mph

Drone Camera resolution

48 MP

Drone Controller


Drone Mobile App Compatibility


Drone Dimension (Unfolded)

180.0 x 80.0 x 180.0 mm

Drone Dimension(Folded)

170.0 x 104.0 x 74.44 mm

Drone Battery Capacity

2420 mAh

Drone Obstacle Detection


Drone Rotors


Drone Weight

14.5 oz

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