Tecno Pop 8 Review-Pros and Cons

Considering the Tecno Pop 8? Learn about its advantages and drawbacks in our detailed review, helping you make an informed decision.

The Tecno Pop 8 is a budget smartphone that is sure to catch your attention. With its sleek design and impressive features, it is hard to believe that this phone comes at such an affordable price. A close cousin to the Infinix Smart 8HD, the Tecno Pop 8 shares many similarities but also has its own unique qualities. One noticeable difference is the finish of the phone. While the Infinix has a more traditional look, the Tecno Pop 8 boasts a slightly different finish that sets it apart from the rest. Another distinction lies in the camera department, with the Tecno Pop 8 sporting a 12MP primary camera while its Infinix counterpart boasts a 13MP camera. Despite this slight variation, the remaining features of the Tecno Pop 8 are much aligned with the Infinix Smart 8HD and other competing smartphones in its price range. So, the question arises, is the Tecno Pop 8 a worthy purchase? To find out, read on as we dive into this Tecno Pop 8 review.

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Say hello to the Android T-Go, a cutting-edge operating system that will revolutionize your smartphone experience. With its user-friendly interface, navigating through apps and features becomes an absolute breeze. Get ready to enjoy the ultimate convenience and efficiency in the palm of your hand!

The Tecno Pop 8 is powered by a T606 processor, a true powerhouse that will take your multitasking skills to new heights. Say goodbye to frustrating lags and hello to seamless performance. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, playing intense games, or juggling multiple apps simultaneously, this device will handle it all like a pro.

Now, let’s talk about connectivity – we’re talking 4G, baby! Stay connected wherever you go, as this blazing-fast network ensures you’ll never miss a beat. Say goodbye to those dreaded loading times and say hello to uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and downloading.

When it comes to memory, this device has got your back in a big way. Choose from three mind-boggling options: 64GB ROM+6GB RAM*(3GB+3GB Extended), 64GB ROM+8GB RAM*(4GB+4GB Extended), or go all out with a whopping 128GB ROM+8GB RAM*(4GB+4GB Extended).


Let’s dive into the captivating world of the Tecno Pop 8’s display. Get ready to be dazzled by a burst of vibrant colors! Choose from the enchanting Mystery White, the radiant Alpenglow Gold, the mesmerizing Magic Skin, or the sleek Gravity Black. This stunning 6.6″ HD+Hole display is here to take your viewing experience to the next level!

With a resolution of 720 by 1612 pixels, every image will come to life with crystal-clear detail. Whether you’re binging your favorite shows, scrolling through your social media feed, or playing the latest addictive games, your visuals will be sharp and immersive.

The Tecno Pop 8’s dimensions are equally impressive. Made with a composite material, this device boasts a compact size of 163.69×75.6×8.55mm, making it perfect for easy handling and comfortable usage. And for those who prefer an added touch of magic, the Magic Skin variant measures 163.69×75.6×8.75mm, adding a sprinkle of uniqueness to your overall experience.


Front Camera:

Get ready to capture stunning selfies that will make your friends go green with envy! With an impressive 8MP front camera and Front Dual Flash, every selfie you take will be a masterpiece.

Rear Camera:

Get ready to unleash your inner photographer with the mighty 13MP+AI-CAM rear camera. Whether you’re capturing landscapes, stunning portraits, or anything in between, this camera will blow your mind! With Rear Dual Flash, even low-light conditions won’t stand a chance. Every photo will be so vibrant that it will transport you back to the exact moment you captured it.

The Tecno Pop 8 Camera also comes with an AI feature!  This clever addition takes your photography experience to a whole new level. It’s like having your own personal assistant guiding you towards that perfect shot. Whether it’s identifying the best settings for different scenarios or enhancing your photos with smart optimizations, this is one smart camera that won’t let you down.


The Tecno Pop 8 Battery boasts an impressive battery capacity of 5000mAh (typ). Wowza! That means you can bid farewell to those battery anxieties and stay pumped up throughout the day. No more worrying about running out of juice during that intense gaming session or binge-watching your favorite show. This battery has got your back, my friend!

Oh, and did we mention the charging speed? Hold onto your seats because this baby supports 10W charging! Say goodbye to waiting for ages for your device to juice up. Simply plug it in, sit back, and let the magic happen. Say hello to a lightning-fast charging experience!

The Tecno Pop 8 Battery comes with a Type-C charging port. Yes, you heard it right – a Type-C! Get ready to embrace the future of charging as this nifty feature allows for faster and more efficient charging. No more fumbling around with the cable orientation; simply plug it in and let the technology work its magic.

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Our Quick Take on Tecno Pop 8

7.5Expert Score
Quick Take
The Tecno Pop 8 offers a compelling option for those in search of an affordable smartphone that doesn’t skimp on essential features. Its impressive display, long-lasting battery, and multimedia capabilities make it a solid choice for budget-conscious consumers. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of higher-end models, it strikes a balance that meets the needs of its target audience. If you’re in the market for a wallet-friendly device that delivers on performance and modern conveniences, the Tecno Pop 8 is certainly worth considering as your next smartphone purchase.  
  • Handset offers good everyday performance
  • Stereo speakers are notably louder
  • 5,000mAh battery ensures lasting performance
  • Cameras lack details and sharpness
  • Handset charges slowly with 10W adaptor
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